The SKT Ambassador Program

Sukhavati Labs has officially launched its public testnet, and we are stoked to see so much community engagement. This is truly in the spirit of decentralized collaboration — users all over the world are downloading the software, running nodes, submitting bugs, and working together to ultimately build the strongest, fastest, cheapest, most resilient data storage gateway for web3.

As we previously announced, by downloading and running the Testnet, you become eligible for a future airdrop of the Sukhavati token, SKT. Such airdrops will help ensure that the control of the Sukhavati network is as decentralized as possible.

We’ve already seen several community members invest significant amounts of time to benefit us all, and for that we are grateful. For example, YouTuber Pramono Utomo (Pram) created a detailed how-to video for downloading and launching a Sukhavati farm.

For community members like Pram or anyone else who takes the time to make our community better, Sukhavati Labs is excited to launch and announce our Community Ambassador Program. We think 2022–2023 will be the most important years of building a strong storage network, and we need as many participants across the world as possible. Please see below for the type of contributions we are specifically looking for.

Contribution Types

Event Manager (AMA, off-line meet-up, summits, new partners, etc.)

Content Creator (Article, research, tutorial, video, poster, emoji, etc.)

Translator (Welcome friends from all countries.)

Community (build, manage and promote the group, answer questions, help new users, etc.)

Technology support (Storage mining, debug, answer questions, tutorial)

Other initiatives (please feel free to make suggestions!)

You can sign up for the Sukhavati Ambassador Program here:

Eligible ambassadors who complete basic contributions will receive a bonus of at least $200 per month, and may receive more bonus for outstanding contributions. In addition, there are opportunities for other incentives, such as access to the core team, in-depth study of the project and blockchain knowledge, and a wealth of industry resources. We especially hope that our loyal supporters who have been with us since the beginning apply to help the protocol grow even further.

About Sukhavati Network

Sukhavati Network is a decentralized cloud network service that is focused on storage. The network is built on hardware-based Trusted Execution Environment (TEE) and the Substrate framework to inspire and incentivize improvements on distributed storage ecosystems.

Sukhavati creates a decentralized gateway that covers both Web 3.0 and Web 2.0 storage services. It allows unified data storage, retrieval, and management on Web 3.0 applications.




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Sukhavati is a decentralized cloud service network focused on storage.