Testnet 3C Upgrade With A Breaking Change. Please Download The Latest Version.

The Testnet 3C v2.2.0 Release Page: https://github.com/Sukhavati-Labs/sukhavati-blockchain/releases/tag/testnet_3c

Based on the feedback from community so far, we have finished the following major updates:

1. Optimized and improved the stability of the P2P network layer.

2. Optimized the PoS consensus process, making it more robust and fairer.

3. Optimized the TxPool for instructions.

4. Optimized the management of subservices.

5. Added auto resending function for pending transactions.

6. Fixed a lot of known issues.

7. Added a log for the GUI Client to help locate unknown problems.

The above updates include a breaking change in consensus. We recommend all users to download and install the latest version as soon as possible, and run the test process again. After the upgrade, the client of the old version will not be able to sync the blocks generated by the new version.

⚠️Tips: The previous wallet address/ $SKT balance/ block rewards, will not be affected for users who participated in the test and successfully generated blocks.

After this upgrade, it is expected that the difficulty will drop dramatically first, so the probability of block production for early participants will increase. We encourage everyone to start testing the latest version of Testnet 3C as early as possible and interact with the network as much as possible to help you understand the concepts of the Sukhavati economic model. If you submit any comments or bugs to our Discord Admin and get accepted, you may also receive an additional testing bonus.

If you are a new user, please download the latest version directly. This is a good opportunity to compete for block production if you haven’t produced any new block yet.

About Sukhavati Network

Sukhavati Network is a decentralized cloud network service that is focused on storage. The network is built on hardware-based Trusted Execution Environment (TEE) and the Substrate framework to inspire and incentivize improvements on distributed storage ecosystems.

Sukhavati creates a decentralized gateway that covers both Web 3.0 and Web 2.0 storage services. It allows unified data storage, retrieval, and management on Web 3.0 applications.

Website: https://sukhavati.io/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/Sukhavati_N

Discord: https://discord.gg/aPmKWUBvR7

Telegram Channel: https://t.me/SukhavatiNetwork

Telegram Announcement Channel: https://t.me/SukhavatiN

Medium: https://medium.com/@Sukhavati

Reddit: https://www.reddit.com/r/SukhavatiNetwork/



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