Sukhavati Network Monthly Update — November


## Sukhavati Devnet & Testnet

1. Economic model mining rewards decaying cycle updated.

2. All rules in the economic model are now calculated by days instead of by heights.

3. Memory leak test of BLS and VDF library completed.

4. Timelord VDF result verification is now supported on both Linux and Windows.

5. k8s log collection and analysis system completed.

6. Investigate and fix the problem of nodes being banned in multi-node test.

7. Local small-scale nodes block producing distribution test completed and analysis in progress.

8. The problem of excessive PoS block producing speed is under investigation.

9. Timelord VDF process suddenly stuck problem fixed.

10. Economic model automated testing tool is under development.

11. Testnet Phase 1 started. Fullnoode program and related tools for Linux and Windows have been released on github.

## Sukhavati Wallet

1. Test RPCs with full nodes.

2. Transaction history API is under development.

3. Electron and Material-UI based GUI wallet is under development.

## Sukhavati ERC20 & BEP20

1. SKT token is now live on Binance Smart Chain via AnySwap Bridge.


# Twitter:

  • 46.5K total followers on Twitter
  • 11.7K Profile Engagement
  • 1.2K retweets and comments

# Telegram:

  • 43k users on Telegram
  • 3701 active users on Telegram
  • 187 Daily Active Users
  • 436 average daily messages
  • 72.1k messages



Sukhavati Network Monthly Update — October. 10 November 21.

Sukhavati Network’s Consensus Mechanism. 10 November 21.

Sukhavati is Multi-chain Supported, BEP-20 and ERC-20. 16 November 21.

Sukhavati Network Supports for Binance Smart Chain(BSC). 16 November 21.

Sukhavati Internal AMA Recap. 23 November 21.


Sukhavati Halloween Airdrop Winners. 3 November 21.

Sukhavati Community Campaign 3.0. 12 November 21.


AMA with Heaven of Crypto. 8 November 21.

Sukhavati Internal AMA. 17 November 21.

About Sukhavati Network

Sukhavati Network is a decentralized cloud network service that is focused on storage. The network is built on hardware-based Trusted Execution Environment (TEE) and the Substrate framework to inspire and incentivize improvements on distributed storage ecosystems.

Sukhavati creates a decentralized gateway that covers both Web 3.0 and Web 2.0 storage services. It allows unified data storage, retrieval, and management on Web 3.0 applications.

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Telegram Group:
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Sukhavati is a decentralized cloud service network focused on storage.

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Sukhavati is a decentralized cloud service network focused on storage.

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