Sukhavati Network Monthly Update — May 2022


# SKT Monthly Technical Report — May 2022

## Sukhavati Testnet

1. Added VDF Prove isolation.

2. Added configurable logging feature for Farmer, Harvester.

3. Added Governance related rpcs.

4. Optimized the data directory structure of Fullnode, Farmer and Harvester.

5. Optimized the code structure of Harvester.

6. Optimized the startup process of Local Harvester to ensure auto shutdown with farmer.

7. Fixed wrong Plot ID calculation params.

8. Fixed various problems in Harvester plot dir scanning.

9. Fixed the missing info in fetch block header by height api.

10. Fixed slow response of Binding info apis.

11. Fixed the permissions of database files and folders of Fullnode

12. Fixed the null pointer problem in the key importing process.

13. Fixed the precision problem in some apis.

14. Removed default pprof in Fullnode.

15. Removed unnecessary logs in Harvester.

16. Testnet 2C (fake plots) has ended.

17. Testnet 3C (fake plots) has started.

18. Preparing for Testnet 4 (real plots).

## Sukhavati Wallet

1. Optimized the data directory structure for Wallet.

2. Added the function to select the data store directory path for GUI wallet.

3. Added logging to GUI wallet.

4. Optimized and fixed various presentation errors of GUI wallet.

5. Fixed the GPU incompatibility problem on some platforms.

6. Optimized the user experience of GUI wallet.


# Twitter:

  • 45.3K total followers on Twitter
  • 22.6K Profile Engagement, increased 208.2%
  • 1.9K likes, increased 133.9%
  • 1.2K retweets and comments

# Telegram:

  • 31.3k users on Telegram
  • 2187 active users on Telegram
  • 155 Daily Active Users
  • 590 average daily messages
  • 79.7k messages



Sukhavati Network Monthly Update — April. 5 May 22.

The 8th $SKT Buyback and Burn on May 6, 2022.

The 9th $SKT Buyback and Burn on May 17, 2022.


Sukhavati Airdrop for the community. 5 May 22.

About Sukhavati Network

Sukhavati Network is a decentralized cloud network service that is focused on storage. The network is built on hardware-based Trusted Execution Environment (TEE) and the Substrate framework to inspire and incentivize improvements on distributed storage ecosystems.

Sukhavati creates a decentralized gateway that covers both Web 3.0 and Web 2.0 storage services. It allows unified data storage, retrieval, and management on Web 3.0 applications.




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