Sukhavati Network Monthly Update — February 2022


## Sukhavati Devnet & Testnet

1. Added support for bulk Unbind operations

2. Added complete fee estimation function

3. Added P2P management, peers can be added or removed manually

4. Added a unified transaction history with all transaction types supported

5. Added a UTXO consolidation API, UTXO automatic consolidation is under design

6. Updated address specification to comply with BIP44 and based on Bech32m format

7. Updated the rules for checking the transaction size limit

8. Updated the rules of target address of Binding and Locking

9. Optimized PoT process, which supports local VDF computing and receiving from P2P network simultaneously

10. Completed the rollback testing, long range rollback is now supported

11. Fixed the problem of incorrect calculation of Pending balance

12. Fixed the problem of incorrect local db index of fullnode during rollback

13. Multi-node testing in progress

## Sukhavati Wallet

1. Completed “Wallet” page of GUI wallet, supporting balance status in detail and bulk Bind/Unbind operation

2. Completed the “Farm” page of GUI wallet, showing the overall status of farmer and harvester

3. Added the list of Pending transactions

4. Added wallet synchronization status

5. Added automatic wallet lock configuration

6. Optimized the display of transaction history

7. Optimized wallet passphrase security policy

8. Fixed a buffer exceeding problem that causes the node to close abnormally

9. UIUX of the GUI wallet is still being optimized

## Sukhavati Bridge

1. Completed the development and testing of EVM solidity cross-chain contract

2. SKT and EVM chain bi-directional cross-chain bridge development completed, testing in progress

3. Completed data monitoring system for SKT blockchain and EVM cross-chain contract, testing in progress

4. GUI wallet now supports cross-chain transfer and history display between SKT and ETH chain


# Twitter:

46.1K total followers on Twitter

26.6K Profile Engagement, increased 79.2%

2.1K likes, increased 35.3%

1.9K retweets and comments

# Telegram:

38.7k users on Telegram

3114 active users on Telegram

187 Daily Active Users

357 average daily messages

76.4k messages


# Announcements

Sukhavati Network Monthly Update — January 2022. 7 Feb 22.

The 2nd $SKT Buyback and Burnburn on Feb 9, 2022.

The 3rd $SKT Buyback and Burnburn on Feb 24, 2022.


Sukhavati Network announce partnership with MetaGrail. 23 Feb 22.

AMA with IM Community. 21 Feb 22.

AMA with CoinEx (Iran Community). 25 Jan 22.

About Sukhavati Network

Sukhavati Network is a decentralized cloud network service that is focused on storage. The network is built on hardware-based Trusted Execution Environment (TEE) and the Substrate framework to inspire and incentivize improvements on distributed storage ecosystems.

Sukhavati creates a decentralized gateway that covers both Web 3.0 and Web 2.0 storage services. It allows unified data storage, retrieval, and management on Web 3.0 applications.




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