## Sukhavati Devnet & Testnet

1. Economic model binding rule: merge utxos if possible when user unbind.

2. Economic model binding rule: fix unbind initiator permission check.

3. Add cross-chain transfer transaction type and related design.

4. Add PoT proof parameter as on-chain governance.

5. PoS quality and difficulty algorithm simulation test, adjust parameter and…


## Sukhavati Devnet & Testnet

1. Economic model mining rewards decaying cycle updated.

2. All rules in the economic model are now calculated by days instead of by heights.

3. Memory leak test of BLS and VDF library completed.

4. Timelord VDF result verification is now supported on both Linux and Windows.

5. k8s log…

On the 19th of November, at 12 PM UTC, Sukhavati Network hosted our first internal AMA in our official telegram group. Our CEO, Mindaugas Savichas, began by answering different questions collected through different official channels, including our Twitter, followed by a live question segment, where a significant number of responses…

We are happy to announce that Sukhavati Network now supports BSC (Binance Smart Chain) to make the user experience as easy as possible. Sukhavati Network will also build some added features on BSC in the future, and leave nothing in the way of $SKT being widely adopted!

$SKT Contract Address on BSC:


Blockchain Explorer:

Users can try the following new functions:

  • Transfer…


Sukhavati is a decentralized cloud service network focused on storage.

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